Explore static analysis issues in your code in less than 3 minutes! Read the step-by-step guide below or check out our video tutorial. 

Analyze your GitHub repos in less than 3 minutes 

Step 1: Connect your GitHub account

On the login page, select "GitHub.com" and connect to DeepCode using your GitHub account.

Step 2: Install the DeepCode application

You will be asked to install the DeepCode application on your GitHub account. Click on "Install".

You'll be prompted to choose which repositories you want to analyze and to allow DeepCode access to your GitHub during the GitHub authorization flow. Read more about the permissions DeepCode requires and why. 

Step 3: You're all set to perform your first analysis! 

You are all set and can run your first analysis. DeepCode currently offers 3 different way to analyze your code: 

  • QA audit: Analyze any branch of your repositories and see DeepCode's analysis results in your browser. 
  • Code Review / Pull Request Decoration: Get all your commits and pull requests automatically analyzed and commented on by DeepCode. This way you can see if a commit introduces any new issues. 
  • IDE integration: Get your code analyzed on every save with DeepCode's extension for Visual Studio Code or Atom

Learn more in the article "How can I use Deepcode?"

Still unsure? Check out our video tutorial: