DeepCode is the most advanced AI Software Platform that learns from all open-source developers and uses the acquired knowledge to make real-time suggestions on how your code can be improved.

DeepCode understands the intent and semantic function of software code by transforming the code into a language-independent Graph Index representing all semantic facts that are analyzed against the knowledge of the global development community. Our Symbolic AI Software Platform continuously learns from BigCode the latest standards, historical fixes, solutions, and know-how from the global software development community and provides powerful real-time tools and suggestions to software developers.

In short: DeepCode does to software code what Grammarly does to written language.

Currently, you can use DeepCode as a code review or audit tool; directly integrated into your IDE, SourceControl System, CI/CD pipelines or in any other part of your development workflow. See more information here.

At this point, we support Javascript, Java, Typescript, Python, C++ and C.

To get started for free, head to and sign up with your GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab account. 

DeepCode Pipeline

To see a short introduction, check out this video: