Test DeepCode's Static Code Analysis 

Our Static Code Analysis tool uses AI to find coding issues where your intent and the syntax are different from each other. This allows the tool to find critical issues and security vulnerabilities that other tools don't. Also, it is lightning fast - even on big code-bases. We currently support JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, Python, and C++/C.

If you want to see this for yourself, you can do so in a few different ways:

1) Look at demo repositories on our website

On our website, you can see which issues DeepCode identified in well-known repositories such as ansible/ansible (Python), prestodb/prestoi (Java), facebook/react (JavaScript) or torvalds/linux (C++). You don't need to sign up to see any of the results.

2) Test your own code for free

If you want to test Deepcode on your own code, you can do so in under two minutes by linking your GitHub, Bitbucket or Gitlab account. Our cloud version is free and we will never ask you to provide payment information! Get started here.

3) Get a trial for the on-premise solution

If you are interested in DeepCode's self-hosted solution but don't want to commit at this point, we offer a free trial. Just get in contact with us at hello@deepcode.ai and we are happy to get you set up!