Integrate DeepCode into your development workflow

DeepCode's static analysis tool integrates with code hosting platforms such as GitHub, Bitbucket Server or GitLab as well as popular IDEs and custom CLI / API based workflows. For all integrations - cloud and on-premise - developers benefit from the same core set of features. 

Analyze your code on every save in your IDE

Get your code analyzed on every save with DeepCode's extension for 

See an introductory video here: 

We are continually working on new integrations. If your IDE is currently missing, check out our product roadmap!

DeepCode Visual Studio Code plugin

Get real-time results on pull requests (DeepCode's Bot)

Integrate Code Quality Monitoring (aka DeepCode's bot) in your GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab instance and get all your pull requests automatically analyzed to see if it introduces any new issues.  GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab are all supported. 

DeepCode GitHub integration and comments on pull requests

Inspect code in your browser

Analyze in your browser any repository in just a few seconds, and see semantic explanations and examples from other repositories who have fixed the same problem in a different context. To get started, go here: 

See an introductory video here: 

DeepCode web-based semantic code analysis


Use DeepCode the way you want: DeepCodes CLI and Public API

Catch-all solution enabling you to integrate DeepCode in any step of your development cycle or to build any custom extensions and integrations to IDS, Ticketing, Automation, CI/DC pipelines etc.

See the detailed documentation here: 

Use DeepCode behind your firewall

Deploy DeepCode in the most secure environment without the need for an internet connection with a fully self-hosted Docker container. If you are interested, you can request a free trial here: 


To get started, head to and sign up with your GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab account.