Integrate DeepCode into your IDE

DeepCode plugin

Through the IDE plugin, you can quickly start using DeepCode's code review and analysis within your development workflow. The extension will automatically alert you about critical vulnerabilities you need to solve in your code the moment when you hit Save in your IDE. With DeepCode's superior code review you save time finding and fixing bugs before they go to production.


DeepCode's AI Engine finds bugs

DeepCode uses symbolic AI to process hundreds of millions of commits in open source software projects and learns how to find serious coding issues. Because the platform determines the intent of the code — and not only the syntax mistakes — DeepCode identifies 10x more critical bugs and security vulnerabilities than other tools.


Our AI provides explanation behind found bugs

In order to show detailed explanation why something was flagged as bug we introduced a new AI technique called Ontology. With Ontology, we’ve integrated the capability to present logical conclusions within the DeepCode engine.


Supported languages

Java, C/C++, JavaScript, Python and TypeScript and XML are currently supported.


Supported IDEs

We currently offer IDE extensions for Visual Studio Code and Atom.

To get started, download the DeepCode extension on the VS Code marketplace or Atom.

See this article if you are interested in how to install and use the extensions: