Use DeepCode in your Visual Studio Code IDE

If you want to learn more on how to install the plugin, see this article.


Through the extension, you can quickly start using DeepCode's code review and analysis within your development workflow. The extension will automatically alert you about critical vulnerabilities you need to solve in your code the moment when you hit SAVE in your IDE. 


Run the DeepCode analysis on SAVE

Hit SAVE (or the keyboard shortcut) to run DeepCode's analysis. 

Note: If you don't like to save while working, enable AutoSave.



Inspect all issues

See all issues using the "Problems" tab or syntax highlights.


DeepCode Static Code Analysis in problems tab in Visual Studio Code IDE


Ignore suggestions

Ignore particular alert directly within its suggestions tooltip or 'bulb' menu:

Specify in the comment why you think it needs to be ignored. Your feedback will improve the DeepCode engine over time. 

You can see an instruction video here:

Ignore DeepCode suggestions in Visual Studio Code extension


Ignore files & folders

Create a .dcignore file. You can create it in any folder on any level starting from the directory where your project resides. The file syntax is identical to .gitignore

Ignore files for DeepCode's Static Code Analysis in Visual Studio Code

In case you experience any issues or you want to provide feedback, we love to hear from you - get in contact here.