Exclude/ignore certain directories or single files from the analysis

By default DeepCode's cli or IDE plugins respect the existing ".gitignore". Which means that if your ".gitignore" ignores the "node_modules" directory (for node projects), this directory will not be uploaded to DeepCode for analysis.

In most cases the default ".gitignore" should be sufficient for your purposes, however if you have a case not covered by using the default ".gitignore", using DeepCode's ".dcignore" is the way to go. These cases might include when you don't have a ".gitignore" or when you want a file or a directory being analysed by DeepCode, but ignored by git.

Add file ".dcignore"

You can easily exclude directories or single files from being analysed. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • project dependencies
  • mocks and/or tests.

This can be easily achieved by adding a special file called ".dcignore" in any of the analysed project's sub-folders. This file supports glob syntax with "*" and "**" to specify file masks and sub-folders. You may create multiple .dcignore files in different sub-folders as you wish.

Example steps:

  1. In the directory where you want to ignore files, you should create/have a file named ".dcignore".
  2. In this file: you can list which files should be ignored: e.g. "directory/**" will ignore all files in "directory." Here is how our ".dcignore" looks like when we are using DeepCode's VS Code plugin:


Disable two issues for the same line

The DeepCode engine respects the following notation:

// deepcode ignore CompareTypeofToString,reDOS: <another comment the reason here>

CompareTypeofToString and reDOS are the suggestion ids.

Still need some help?

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- if you still haven't downloaded our IDE extensions, you can do so here:

  - DeepCode's VS Code plugin

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