There are two major differences when comparing DeepCode to other static code analysis tools or linters:

1) Real-time feedback

All static tools suffer from the resources (CPU+memory) it takes to transform and process code with the rule engines they have. DeepCode has a proprietary runtime that achieves performance gains on the scale 1000x over the others on the market. This gives us near to real-time feedback.

2) Machine learning approach

Because we are able to process fast, we can use vast amounts of open source code (~200k repos) and use their change history as training data for a machine learning approach (like the holy grail in the industry currently). 

--> Yes, we are in the same area as linters etc. but while linters pretty much do the same for the past decade, we opened a new door. 

If you are interested to check it out, either 

(1) just use the examples on the website,

(2) login with your GitHub account and run scans on your Github (or GitLan or Bitbucket) repos,

(3) or use our docker container in your local infrastructure. If you don't own a DeepCode Server yet, request one now